Nokia Asha 210 User Manual Guide

Nokia Asha 210 User Manual Guide - Download Nokia Asha 210 User Manual PDF below, Nokia claims its new mobile phone Nokia Asha 210 launched in Jakarta on Friday, as the coolest QWERTY handset in the world.

As mobile phones are targeting young people, younger brother suffered a Nokia Asha 205 upgrades in the jock button. If "his brother" only has the gaul to access Facebook, Asha 210 provides Facebook apps, Twitter, WhasApp to LINE.

Renewal application, according to Lukman, made ​​by high interest Asha users who download a wide range of applications from the first series of phones was launched.

Although various applications to facilitate the user with smart phone style, the fact that the handset is a dual SIM card still uses the Symbian Series 40 operating system.

Product Manager Nokia Indonesia Irwan Hermawan said the phone is a bridge which connects a mobile phone to a smart phone via the application. Some applications that do not fit in the dual SIM mobile phone can now be entered with the handset is also equipped with Wi-Fi connection was.
Download Nokia Asha 210 User Manual Guide

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